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Rhythm + Flow

Day Ten – She’s Carib·BEING You remember yesterday when I told you about the challenge of going back to work while being on the island? I talked to you about how I was spiraling, ready to quit it all. Well, your girl pulled that thang all the way together. Shout out to counseling that gives …

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Back At It

Day Eight – She’s Carib·BEING Today was my first day back to work, and yep, it felt just like work except I was sitting on a hot terrace overlooking the beach. I don’t know if that’s inspiration or punishment. I started my day just like I do at home: Meditation + prayer Writing my daily …

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We Out Here!

Day Three – She’s Carib·BEING Yeah I meant we, because I’m taking you on this adventure with me.  Today I dared to venture out of my cozy little tourist location by the beach to the capital of the island’s Dutch side, St. Philipsburg. It’s like their commercial district and where everybody goes to shop. Now …

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Slow Motion

Day Two – She’s Carib·BEING I’m not sleeping. You would have thought I traveled across the ocean and had jet lag. I didn’t. Six hours after leaving my home I touched down in Saint Martin.  I guess we’ll call it an adrenaline rush. Maybe my body is still adjusting to the shock that we are …

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