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Back At It

Day Eight – She’s Carib·BEING

Today was my first day back to work, and yep, it felt just like work except I was sitting on a hot terrace overlooking the beach. I don’t know if that’s inspiration or punishment.

I started my day just like I do at home:

  • Meditation + prayer
  • Writing my daily affirmation 50 times
  • Reading for 5 minutes

My breakfast was light today – grapes and kiwi. It’s odd, but I haven’t had a major appetite while here. 

I set up my work station and plugged in my monitor so I could get ready to bang it out.


The internet had been acting up all morning for the first time since being here, and the monitor had a nerve to go black and read an error message I had never seen before. It looks like I’d have to let go of the double screen privilege I’ve grown accustomed to. 

I usually don’t take meetings on Monday because I like to get my bearings together, but I had to make up from being off last week and ended up with three meetings back to back. After they ended I continued working, and when it hit 7:30 (when I wanted to end at 4), I made myself stop. 

I jumped in my car to go anywhere but the apartment. I wanted to feel the wind blow, hear some Caribbean sounds, and just breathe in the island air. I tried to see if I could navigate my own way but quickly realized I needed that GPS and fast!

I put Simpson Bay as my destination but ended up in Maho. Don’t ask me why. Maho is the famous beach where the planes land.  I had been there before when I stayed in the area my first trip, so it was familiar territory to me.  I made the best of my unexpected arrival to this part of the Dutch side of the island and ate at We Lounge. The shrimp wrap was gooooood. Almost worth the 30ish minute drive. 

Without fail, every time I go out of the apartment, I meet someone and learn new facts. The people I meet are really friendly, so I guess I’ll disregard the unfriendly encounters I have had so the island can maintain its welcoming status. On this night I learned that Holland owns the Dutch side of the island and France owns the French side. I didn’t realize that the island was owned by anyone or anything. I can’t wait to learn more.

My days aren’t as adventurous as my first five days because work has started, but each day something new emerges. 

Today it was my fun fact about Holland and France and two revelations I’ve had from my late night drives:

  1. They collect trash at all hours of the night. I don’t even know how they see the trash as dark as the roads are.
  2. Donkeys and sheep walk the road like men do. You can find them anywhere!

Well, that’s it for day eight. Tomorrow I’m back it with more work and meetings hoping to cut it short so I can continue to enjoy the island. 

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