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Saint Martinsxm Min

Daring to Live

Q1 Mini Sabbatical

Saint Martin/St Maarten or SXM as they call it, did what I hoped it would do.

I didn’t have the energy or time to go shopping for my trip. I reminded myself what I was going for – to get away. To be simple, easy, and unbothered for 4 days and 3 nights.

I wanted a quick getaway under the sun, and Florida wasn’t far enough, nor does it have the Caribbean vibes, French cuisine and unmatched friendliness of the quaint island.

I ate alone. I danced alone. I drove the island alone. I sat with myself and by myself. I navigated a foreign country, and I’m so glad I did. I even met a few new people along the way.

This was not accidental. I’m not a poor soul with no friends or family I can travel with. I’m a woman, a Black woman, a mompreneur that runs a multi-six figure company (only 2 years old), and I’m giving myself permission to do what I’ve seen no one I personally know do. I’m taking real breaks (I like to call them time outs) to rest. Most importantly, I am finding myself – learning more about who I am at my core, not who the world has molded me to be. I’m falling deeper in love with Monique.

As I leave SXM and travel back home to Cleveland, one question is on my mind…Is it possible to live a life that we don’t feel we need to escape from?

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