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Let’s Chill

Day Six – She’s Carib·BEING

Let’s chill. Let’s settle down. That’s not what I want to do, but my body told me to. See what I did there?! LOL. I know…corny

Let’s get into day six. As you know, I didn’t go to bed until after the sun came up, but I had a nerve to woke up only 2-3 hours after finally closing my eyes. I have no clue why, but I eventually got myself together enough to go on the hunt for my MAC lip gloss. I was told it was in Philipsburg, and Google led me to Lucky’s Cosmetics. Imagine my disappointment when the clerk said MAC closed after the 2017 hurricane!

My lips are dry y’all! And they’re used to being moisturized by Oh Baby. It’s odd, but no other MAC lip gloss gives the same sort of moisture – no lip gloss that I’ve found for that matter. You know me, I continued to persevere. I didn’t want to give up because maybe that lady (who also was not friendly on the ‘friendly island’), was mistaken. I kept walking and asked a few more people before accepting the fact that I would not be getting any Oh or Baby today or while I’m here.

I was bummed, but since I made the trip I figured I’d continue exploring. Philipsburg is blocks of narrow streets with shops down each side. Towards the front are all designer stores, which I decided was not a good idea for me to go inside of since I’ve been spending WAY too much money. 

I did attempt to buy some some sunglasses – attempt being the key word because I refuse to commit to paying $150-$450 for something I can’t seem to keep a hold of. I mean it’s bad. I was gifted a pair of YSL sunglasses, and ask me where they are. SMH

I didn’t have an appetite for shopping so instead I walked to the boardwalk that overlooks Great Bay Beach, one of 37 beaches in SXM. RIGHT! 37!! I was shocked too when I looked it up. Each one gives a different feel and vibe.

As I was leaving the boardwalk, I ran into an interesting character that owns a bar there. He offered me Sex on the Beach, Sex on the Bar,  and Sex with the Bartender. LOL! Now I wonder which of those are actual drinks. BTW: Did I mention that shops/stores play no games out here? They shut down at 4 or 5. When their shift is over they are out of there. No overtime this way.

After my short Philipsburg exploration, I went back home where I slept, woke, watched a couple of movies, and slept again. I wanted to do a back-to-back kick it experience but just couldn’t pull it together.

I embraced the need to rest, and during this rest time, I was reminded that my one month of Carib•BEING is not about being busy all the time, and filling my days with all the things. I imagine if I approach it this way I will have missed the opportunity for deeper level discovery, healing, clarity, and self love that I could use more of in my life right now.

It’s when we dare to be still, remove and/or minimize distractions, that we get profound insight and spiritual awakenings. We will never arrive to a place where this isn’t needed. The quest for deeper connection and knowing should always exist in the evolution of life.

I’m in pursuit and hope this island will give it to me.

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