Day Eleven – She’s Carib·BEING

Somewhere within these 40 years of life I became a little bit of a prude. It’s like it snuck up on me, but it’s getting worse with each passing year. 

I mean I don’t really go anywhere or do anything outside of work and taking care of my boys. I’m usually too busy, but even when my schedule allows, I find a justified reason not to attend or accept an invitation. In those moments that I do, it takes all I have to show up cus I be tiyad!

Well last night I decided to put my prudish ways behind me – at least for the night – to go with the flow and wherever the island wanted to take me. 

I put work down after a purpose-filled day. I just realized I’ve been writing these blogs and haven’t told you about my company, Monique Inc. We provide consulting, programs, coaching services, events and other products to help women of color, especially Black women RISE to their best within.

Yesterday I supported the women in my As She RISES program through a group coaching call and facilitated a listening session with Black women that are helping shape a podcast that will be launched by ideastream. It was fire as they say! LOL. These moments of my work are so fulfilling and remind me that I’m doing what I’m purposed to do!

After the session, I logged off so quick because you know I committed to experiencing this island daily instead of sitting behind my computer screen. Matter fact, I couldn’t even get off the call before I was brushing my teeth, freshening up with my smell goods, and blotting my lips after applying a fresh coat of lipstick.

I wasn’t sure where to go, so I drove towards a venue I had been to before. Along the way I saw the Rib Shack. Two men were on the mic, and it looked like a good time, so I decided to eat there. My old ways started to creep in because around 9:30 I was ready to head home. I paid my bill and started going towards the car, when one on the locals with that accent was like, “You go home? Why? It’s early. Tonight ladies night up ‘der at Nowhere Special.”

I have heard about Nowhere Special several times now, so I had a talk with myself. I said self, “Get it together. We here for it. We here for it all.” Self said, “Ok then. Let’s do this!”

I headed there, and a band was playing. It looked like a cool place to be for the night, so I hung out all the way until 1 am. Now mind you I knew I was going to pay for this because I had a 9 am meeting, but hey – no pain, no gain right! 

I met a few new “friends” and sang and danced the night away. Oooh you should have seen me trying to hit those Lauryn Hill notes from Killing Me Softly. Y’all know how we do when that song comes on. I mean I was singing with my entire soul. Gotta fully commit to that thing, ya know.

Unlike night three when I drove home after losing my keys in the grocery store feeling embarrassed and overwhelmed, this time I felt triumphant. I’m doing it! I’m really living Caribbean. 

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