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Give RISE to your community and partner with The Engagement Group to create sustainable and meaningful differences through strategy + engagement consulting and training.  

Strategic Consulting and Capacity Building

At The Engagement Group, we are passionate about working with nonprofits and philanthropic and public sector organizations that serve communities of color. With over 15 years as a leader in transformational change, our CEO and founder Monique Williams and our team of experienced professionals, help identify the needs, strengths, and opportunities within organizations and/or communities through careful analysis and evaluation. 

Together, we partner with organizations to create attainable, measured, and purposed strategies that help organizations achieve their impact goals. We also help build organizational capacity, both internally and externally, to execute with excellence and achieve desired outcomes while upholding the organizational mission. 

We envision communities of color fully transformed, restored and thriving confidently, equipped to fully stand in their truths and live their lives abundantly because they feel seen, valued, and heard — breaking cycles of historical barriers and limiting beliefs — and giving RISE to extraordinary possibilities.







Services Include:

  • Project-based Consulting
  • Advisory/Thought Partnership
  • Professional Development + Training


Nonprofit and Community Development Leaders



Current and Past Partner Clients

Community Engagement Consulting and Facilitation

We facilitate and teach how to meaningfully engage in ways that lead to real community change and transformation. We use our signature RISE method to design and implement people-centered community engagement processes that lead to successful community-informed projects, initiatives, and services that meet community needs, as well as provide feedback to help influence funding decisions and/or project or program goals, helping organizations achieve their desired impact

Our purpose is to establish and strengthen relationships between your organization and the people you serve, building communities and creating sustainable neighborhood growth. 

Engagement and Facilitation Services Include

  • Engagement Training
  • Facilitation of Public Meetings
  • Small Group Conversation Facilitation
  • Conducting Workshops
  • Development and Leadership Trainings
  • Speaking and Presentations at Conferences and Events