Day Seven – She’s Carib·BEING

I relaxed today.

I sat on the beach outside of my apartment for hours writing, inhaling the calm breeze, and watching people fly their kites while standing on boards in the water. The sport is called kiteboating or kitesurfing. 

It was quite interesting to see them untangle their cords, blow up their kites and take to the water with their surfboard in hand. I was actually quite mesmerized by the whole experience, including how each person strategically brought his/herself in from the water and angled their body just right for the kite to land safely. 

You know what my adventurous self said, “I wanna try that!” But I’ll stick to parasailing for now. 

When I wasn’t gawking at the kite fliers, I actually managed to relax. 

You see, I realize that I had unpacked my bags and put my things in their right place, but I hadn’t settled in – not mentally or emotionally. It’s probably why I have had a plethora of up and down emotions, but I’m starting to feel more settled in my mind and heart as well. I’m working on being more comfortable in my Saint Martin skin – practicing the art of being. It truly is a practice. 

I finished my day with a good hair wash while blasting Kanye’s Jesus is King and Sunday Service. I even listened to a great sermon and finished a puzzle on my iPad. I closed out the night with some mindless TV, pizza and dessert from the restaurants below. The strawberry pie goodness hit the spot! This was self care Sundays at it’s finest.

For the rest of the Lord’s days I have while here, I’ll be doing just that. I’ll practice being present in the moment, feeding my spirit, and enjoying each moment of what feels like nothingness but is actually restoration and rejuvenation.

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