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Whose Idea Was This?!

Day Nine – She’s Carib·BEING

Ok. So I fell off with posting but have kept my commitment to write every day. I wasn’t sure if what I was writing would be appealing absent of the crusades I’ve been going on.

But truth be told, a girl can’t keep up with that daily – financially or physically for that matter, especially since I’m back taking meetings and working.

Can we stop to talk about that? Whose idea was this – to come to an island that feels like paradise, take off a week and go ham exploring, and then start taking meetings the next week?! Let’s just say two days of that all day computer work, and I was done done done done done. By midday Tuesday I tapped out after having three back-to-back meetings.

Did I mention my work is HARD, and that’s putting it lightly?! Community development is complex, and being a consultant in the space is even more challenging. You’re often summoned to develop the strategy and solutions to achieve these complex goals to address issues that are perpetuated in systemic structures. Nevertheless, you wake up daily hoping your small pebble of impact will create a ripple effect across the ecosystem and its various players.

See, you’re tired just hearing about it huh? Well I was too after just two days. I started spiraling (cus that’s just what trauma does) and said to hell with it all, questioned why I do what I do, and started thinking of an exit strategy. Then I got scared because I didn’t see how the plan would be pliable, so I just sunk deeper into the couch.

But thank God for the islanders that just want to sip water and mind their business. They are examples for me. To translate, that means they’re not down for the stress. They show up for their work, get off, have a drink, and listen to music – usually this is at some spot somewhere around town. Whether it’s a club or a low-key hang out spot, they’re going to live out the motto, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

They work to live, not live to work and truly enjoy life. I gotta figure out how to adopt this mindset and activate that lifestyle for myself, even though the States has trained me to operate polar opposite.

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